General Forms Required At Start of Project Year

The following forms must be on file for each project participant.

2009 Maryland Cooperative Extension (MCE) 4-H Code of Animal Science Ethics
All members must sign this document to participate in any projects involving animals.

Maryland 4-H Performance Animal Lease Form
This form is required for members who will be leasing their goats.

Maryland Cooperative Extension Adult and Youth Health Form
This form must be completed as part of the "club" paperwork.   You may simply provide a photocopy of that form for use with the packgoat project.   This form contains important contact information in the event of an emergency so please ensure that all information is accurate and up to date.

Parental Release and Informed Consent  (Microsoft Word Document)
This form is required for each youth participant.  

Over 18 Release and Informed Consent
  (Microsoft Word Document)
This form is required for each adult who may join the group in any of the activities.

Photo Release Form (PDF)
Photo release form so that photos of your child taken during participation in events ca be used for promotion purposes.

Forms Required for Participation in Great Frederick Fair

Project Completion Forms