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Get Ready for the Fair!!!

posted Sep 5, 2011, 1:26 PM by brian talbert
Less than two more weeks for the fair.    By now you should have your vet certificates signed and ready to go, or have your vets scheduled to visit and sign off on health.   Remember, the vet *must* use the new original triplicate forms and the yellow copy should remain with you.   The reverse of this is your self-certification of health that you must complete.    This year you do not have to take these forms to the Animal Lab on Rosemont.   
Check in for the fair will begin at 5pm on Friday.    Do *not* bring your goats into the fair .. you *must* have either myself or Beth come to your vehicle to inspect your goat and paper work before entering!!!
We may again be tight on space.   Please only bring those goats that are showing or being used for Saturday night demonstrations.